What happens at a noetic & spiritual guidance session with Kiran Essene?

Your private consultation is held at my premises, a 15 minute walk from Crosby beach. I provide a safe, warm and welcoming venue, where you can feel at home and relax. I ask that you remove your shoes before entering the healing room. I provide a safe environment for you to get changed in and ask that you dress in the following way, I ask that you bring with you the following items:

*Dress Code:

White undergarments

White clothes, jogging bottoms / trousers, T-shirt, Jumper and socks

Warm and comfortable clothes

Once you are appropriately dressed I ask that you enter the sacred circle and we begin by setting your intention for the counselling or healing session outcome. I then ask you to lie down on the comfortable therapy mattress and we commence our session. We start by going through some basic deep breathing exercises, preparing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being for the therapy session.


Spiritual guidance Sessions:

For the counselling session we sit on my couch or you can have your own seperate chair if you prefer. During this session, I ask you questions regarding specific areas of your life concerning your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. I ask you to share your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences.  I may also take you through various meditations visualisations and affirmations. You may also encounter visions, feelings, sounds and smells as Divine energy works with your soul, bringing to the surface from your conscious and subconcious mind, aspects of your being which may require healing and release.

I work with 'Pranic' energy also known as 'life force' energy. This is the energy system that runs through every living being, plant, animal, mineral and element on this Earth. It is the energy of the creator the energy of 'source'.

Sometimes what you are shown does not require any healing at all but is a reinforcement from Divine energy providing you with affirming information about yourself, guiding you with insight that you are going in the correct direction in your life, for the betterment of your soul purpose and your authentic self!

Ultimately everything I do, I do with your comfort, well-being and safety at the forefront of my mind. I always inform you of what I am doing beforehand so you are consciously aware of everything that is taking place.

I hope I have provided clear and concise information. If you would like further information or would like to have a chat before a healing or counselling session please do feel free to call me.

I ask that you turn your mobile off upon arriving at my premises.

I ask that you arrive with an open mind and open heart, a willingness to be healed.

I provide herbal tea and water.

*(Please call me to chat about appropriate clothes before the session if you have any concerns or doubt).0151 345 9004

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