Time Line Healing

The Benefits of Time Line Healing Therapy

  • Let go and release limiting beliefs that cause pain and doubt (e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unlovable”, “I cause people harm”)

  • Gain wisdom and more accurate understanding of events that occurred in your life and shaped who you are

  • Overcome phobias

  • Unhook yourself from a long line of ‘remembered’ emotions that amplify and confuse the present situation.

  • Gain optimism, hope and strength for your future

  • Relief from stress

  • Discover the capacity for better personal relationships

  • Silence nagging and intrusive thoughts

  • Believe in your self-worth and ability to reach any goal

  • Discover your inner personal power, drive and purpose

  • Free yourself from past trauma

  • Find forgiveness, compassion, patience and acceptance

  • Relieve yourself from the weight of the world

  • Boost your self-confidence

  • Gain the ability to overcome any obstacle and move forward

  • Live in the present moment

  • Stop cycles of negativity that seem to follow you wherever you go

  • Clear out reoccurring flashback memories or nightmares and the emotions that that come with them (e.g. guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, anger…)