Kiran Essene, a spiritual teacher and guide with a diiference. Born with the ability to navigate both the subconscious and conscious world, simaltaneously.

She has always walked inbetween the physical and spiritual realms, as a result this ability has allowed her to observe and understand the human condition from a very deep place of awareness .


Kiran has honed and cultivated this gift and developed a highly powerful consciousness and skill she uses to support humanity, their mental and emotional health. She is truly unique and highly gifted.

This powerful consciousness allows Kiran to, at the same time, observe human beings from outside of themselves and to go 'within' their psyche. Giving Kiran access to deep information about a person.

Often time Kiran's clients comment on how she knows them better than they know themselves and how she knows what they are thinking.

Kiran is a consummute observor and professional. Her work is based upon 45years of experiential observation of other human beings and herself. She has created powerful self developement and self mastery tools based upon her unqiue gift. The result?

  • One-on-one sessions which impact the client on a deeply profound level.

  • Cultivating a dynamic understanding of what is actually happening in your life and why.

  • Transforming anything which is holding you back.

  • Deep congruency, between internal mindset, outward behaviour.

  • Tangible and amazing, life enhancing transformation for the person Kiran is supporting.

Based upon what Kiran observes she subsequently prescribes specific transformational tools for you to apply and master, combined with Kirans' commanding perception she works with you to transform your mind set and behaviour.

Kiran was called by the 'creator' energy to go to Australia in 2008 where she was trained by the 'creator' on how to undo human conditioning.


Kiran applies her powerful skills of perception, awareness, consciousness, universal law and deep listening skills to support the mental health of her clients...

Please take time to read the testimonials of Kiran's  support.

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