Kiran Essene Teaching Humanity on how to be Human!

Kiran Essene a Transcendental / Spiritual Teacher - Mental & Emotional Health Specialist.

She is a advocate of SELF MASTERY. Supporting and teaching humanity on FREEING YOUR HEART, BODY & MIND FROM YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES!

Kiran teaches you how to undo your negative conditioning and negative life that you can be FREE to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!

Kiran Essene teaches you HOW to TRANSFORM the unconscious into CONSCIOUSNESS!

What is Kiran's Expertise?

Kiran's expertise is based upon 44 years of experiential observation of herself and humanity. Kiran was born with a powerful ability to 'read energy'. This gift allows Kiran to observe humanity from both a conscious and subconscious perspective, simultaneously.


The result an exceptional and honed skill Kiran uses to decode your life experiences! Kiran Essene is truly a very powerful and unique human being!

Kiran has designed powerful transcendental tools which give you:


  • Healing of the heart, body & mind

  • Empowerment – You begin to align to your infinite powerful abundant potential

  • Life Management Skills – You have a newfound inner confidence & knowhow when dealing with challenges of life!

  • You're in the flow – You are equipped to deal with life experiences and encounters with a higher consciousness and awareness allowing you to create the energy of 'flow' and 'inner peace' instead of 'suffering and fear'

  • SELF MASTERY – You are free to be the real you!


These transcendental tools, support you to understand your life experiences from a deeper understanding  and awareness, providing deeper meaning to your life. These tools allow you to understand:


  • WHY you experienced your life in the way that you have?

  • WHY certain things happened to you? And...

  • HOW to transform these percieved negative experiences into POWERFUL positive, life changing, life transforming encounters....Thus SETTING YOUR MIND, HEART & BODY FREE FROM THE PAST!

What sets Kiran Essene apart from other Spiritual Teachers and Life coaches?

  • Kiran is a living breathing embodiment of her work, She is doing, living, being what she was created to do! 

  • Kiran has powerful 'pre-human' memory and experiences.

  • She was born with the ability to navigate both the subconscious and conscious world, simultaneously, this gift allows her to observe and transform human conditioning.

  • Kiran was trained directly by 'Source Energy' when at the age of 38 she was asked to go spend 3 months in the Australian wilderness (without any modern amenities)!!!. Here the 'Creator Energy' trained Kiran on how to undo and eradicate 'conditioned' 'self-destructive' and 'ignorant' behaviour, thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions.

  • As a result of this life-long 'connection' with 'Source Energy / God' (this energy made itself known to Kiran in this reality at the age of 2 years old). Kiran's work is highly authentic, experiential, pioneering and groundbreakingly powerful!

  • Anyone who has worked with Kiran will also note that Kiran is a consummate advocate of pragmatic and practical application of spiritual insight. The Spirituality she teaches is highly functional and applicable into your life, otherwise what is the point? She is very grounded and keeps you grounded too!

What are the results for her clients?

  • Inner peace - no more mind and heart going round and round in circles.

  • Deeper meaning to life.

  • Understanding your life lessons.

  • Acessing and living your life purpose.

  • Sleeping better because your mind and heart are at peace.

  • Eradication of Anxiety.

  • Eradication of Depression.

  • Eradication or lessening of illness and debilitating symptoms.

  • Enhanced self love, self respect, self understanding, self awareness.

  • No more people pleasing you are number 1 in your life!

  • Enhanced self confidence, self worth, self value.

  • Enhanced health, better healthier diet, weight loss or weight gain (whichever you want)!

  • Cultivation of deeper and more supportive relationships.

  • Ability to better 'pick' 'draw to yourself' healthy and supportive romantic and sexual relationships.

  • Able to detect, decode and avoid 'in advance; abusive and destructive relationships.

  • Cultivation of your inner infinite, powerful, abundant potential

  • FREEDOM to create and live the powerful amazing life you want!

What do YOU have to do to?  To receive the benefits of Kiran's support?


I can show, teach and lead you the way - but ULTIMATELY it is YOU who must WALK THIS PATH and I will SUPPORT YOU EVERY STEP  of the way- Kiran Essene

I invite you to embark upon THE transformational journey of your life! Enlighten...Transform...Breakfree™-Kiran Essene

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