My Purpose...My Mission...

From the moment I entered this Earth I was blessed with the gift of insight, the ability to see, read, feel observe and transform energy. From the moment I arrived I have walked simaltaneously in two realms, the realm of consciousness and the realm of unconsciousnes. This is my gift from God so that I may help my brothers and sisters around the Globe. It is what makes me a unique, powerful and exceptional Spiritual Teacher.


For over 45 years this insight has developed and matured and is now an exceptional skill, I use to guide, heal and teach others. I show you how to navigate this amazing wonder called life...I teach you what it is to be a human being...This is the purpose for which I have been sent.

My purpose is to support, heal and teach people about the current upgrade in 'consciousness' the evolution of humanity, you may know this as 'spiritual awakening'. I am here to help people transition from the old to the new 'paradigm'. I am a fore-bearer sent to help my brothers and sisters around the Globe.

I apply the empathic skills of :








We live in a world where we have forgotten our Divine roots, our ancestral heritage, our connection to the ever-present infinite consciousness within, we have forgotten ourselves...we have forgotten our source.​

We live in societies where we are expected to conform, relinquish our individuality and forget our authenticity. As a species we have become fragmented and are not able to see or access our inherent ONENESS.

In our bygone era the elders of our tribes would help the newborn to recognise and nurture their divine gifts. They would rear us with immense love...guiding our souls. Since we no longer receive this support, or this support itself has become fragmented....many of us have become lost, confused or stagnant. Not knowing why our lives aren't functioning the way we want our lives to function, not knowing what is blocking our paths...not knowing  how to rid ourselves of our accumulated negativity, not knowing what to do, where to turn, or how to change...

All human beings are born with a variety of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical gifts. These gifts are skills which allow each one of us to navigate our lives. In-turn these skills equip each one of us to help and support those around us in our societies, in our countries and ultimately humanity as a whole.

These gifts are bequeathed to us prior to our birth.... not only do we receive these skills but we all, each one of us have a purpose unique to each individual. It is our individuality, our rite of passage, to express and develop these gifts as a collective species, thus making the world a better place for all, by being our authentic and true selves.


When each human being begins expressing as their authentic self then a collective grid of energetic light energy will be created upon the earth. A self sustaining network which will allow all life to be nourished and live in harmony. At this point we will reach the age of oneness. By allowing ourselves to express our authenticity we invite within us the expression of the Divine we merge with this consciousness and become ONE!

However, in this modern era many have lost their way....

In the western world we have become used to denying the truth to suit ourselves, as a species we delude ourselves, not just with personal issues but with larger global issues too. As if somehow they'll magically just disappear if we keep denying the truth long enough. Our fear keeps us and our societies from evolving congruently. Fear stagnates and rots us from within. Embracing the truth sets us free, leading to happier, more congruent lives and ultimately to inner and world peace!

I am an intuitive heart centered spiritual therapist and healer, teacher and guide.., My powerful connection with God/Source energy allows me to dedicate myself to supporting all peoples from all walks of life. I shine my light, on all areas of your being, so I may see where you are being blocked. I work with you to release energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual you may see who you truly are...why you are here on this Earth and what obstacles are hindering you in becoming your authentic self!

I also teach you how to connect with the ever-present, infinite consciousness, the divine source... 'old world' knowledge and universal truth, so that you may learn and come to an understanding of what it is to be human.


My purpose is to empower you, so that you may forge ahead into your life. I share spiritual techniques with you. My aim is to equip you with the tools you require to... transform, transcend and walk freely towards and into your destiny...into your life purpose and into your authenticity!

*(Please note that I do not channel, I AM ONE WITH THE CREATOR ENERGY, I AM here to support the Earth and to help and support ALL Humanity. I only work with the energy of the (Divine, God*, Source Energy) you can call this energy whatever you like. I do not channel any spirits of other beings or entities or spirits of the deceased.

(*Please note...when I say God I'm talking about an energy that is within you, within all living things... not a man or a woman sitting on a white cloud somewhere in the sky)!

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