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12 week Online Transformational Course begins 05/February/2022

  • 1 hour
  • https://zoom.us/

Service Description

This is a 12 week Online Transformational Course designed to support you to Trasnsform your Mindset and Life. Your Mindset is the Key to unlocking your potential and creating the life you want! This course is ONLY for those who are READY to become the BEST version of themselves! NOT THE PLACE FOR LAZY OR IGNORANT PEOPLE!!! TESTIMONIAL OF KIRAN SHOKAR ESSENE WORK: https://www.purveyoroftruth.co.uk/testimonial PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE PER COURSE! (there will be two groups running at alternate weeks) COURSE CONTENT week 1- How Reality Functions from an Energetic Perspective? Your Strengths v Your Challenges - Why you need to know this? Negative v Positive Energy Masculine v Feminine Energy Life Mapping Project week 2 - Life Mapping Project & Integration Week week 3- Goal Setting, How To? Three Step Transformational Tool (Will Change Your Life) Self Work – Self Observation - Why? Journaling - The Power of the Written Word week 4- Life Mapping Project & Integration Week week 5 - Mindset Transformation Reality v Illusion? Creating Structure - Its Purpose? Self Acceptance - Pre-requiste? The Most Important Relationship? week 6 - Life Mapping Project & Integration Week week 7– Childhood conditioning - Why This Happens? Unconscious v Conscious Mindset / Behaviour Taking Control of your Mind - The Importance? The Purpose of Fear? week 8- Life Mapping Project & Integration Week week 9- Your Life Purpose - Why are you here? Cultivating Positive Karma Self Focus - Self Empowerment? Being Consistent - Neccessity? week 10 - Life Mapping Project & Integration Week week 11 – How to Adapt to Anything? Cultivating Mental Resilience? Toxic Positivity - What is it? Celebrating your Achievements week 12 – Recap and Group Coaching Session

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes we have a bad day when, things which are not in our control get us down or affect our level of productivity. In such cases it is understandable that you may wish to cancel your appointment. I ask that you give 48 hours notice when cancelling a pre booked appointment. Please note ALL late cancellations encounter a 100% non refundable policy.

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