Financially contribute and donate...supporting Kiran Essene - The Purveyor of Truth, to keep providing the invaluble mental and emotional health, life transforming and pioneering support she is giving to Humanity.

There are many of you who throughout the years have asked how can you support me to get my work out into the world. I have thought about this... I am in the process of creating an Academy and I am inviting those of you who have benefitted from my 1 on1 sessions, sharing circles, group sessions, courses and public presenation to offer a finanical contribution to the Lightworks Academy Fund. This fund will help in the purchasing of land and in the development of a Global Centre of Excellance geared towards the anchoring of the powerful and life transforing teachings of Kiran Essene. Kiran's work is unlike any other therapy, healing, spiritual guidance, counselling, psychotherapy offering,

it is truely authentic. Those of you whose lives have transformed due to the support recieved from Kiran are living breathing evidence of her powerful gift and spiritual calling.

For further information about donations and financial contributions please contact Kiran Essene directly on

Thank you for your continued support it is graciously accepted and deeply appreciated - Kiran Essene

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