Noetic, Esoteric and Spiritual Guidance Testimonials...

From the first time I met Kiran I knew my life was going to change dramatically for the better.
Her warm reassuring energy, incredibly insightful spiritual guidance and perception, along with honest impactful advice really has had a profound impact on my 'outer' and on my 'inner' world view. On my path of self discovery, I have met many healers and spiritual guides but I can honestly say, I have not met anyone like Kiran.

Kiran vibrates at a higher frequency to anyone else I have met and is very humble with it.

She is operating from a place of palpable unconditional love and holds space effortlessly and with a beautiful balance of wisdom, kindness, and charisma. Thank you Kiran, thank you from my heart to yours. GW

Kiran is such an amazing spiritual teacher/spiritual guide. Since my one to one sessions started with Kiran I have gained so much clarity in my life, she has taught me many ways to help me achieve self-mastery and self-empowerment. Although still a long way to go, I feel I have achieved so much already. In my sessions, Kiran has the ability to uncover different layers of my being and conditioning, that I personally thought I was aware of, but turns out I wasn't really, she has the ability to uncover 'deep core roots' of self sabbotaging behaviour, its amazing how she does this. Her teachings have helped me with my relationships, procrastination, trusting and recognizing my intuition, and have supported me to search inside myself for answers instead of looking externally, and furthermore to not be afraid of my emotions as this is something I struggle with. I have high regard for Kiran as a deeply knowledgeable and inspirational teacher and recommend her for those who wish to follow a more spiritual journey in life and connect to source energy. TJB

Kiran is very passionate about, Noetic Science, Energy, Spirituality and Oneness. She is excellent in group work and one to one sessions. She works with source energy and speaks from the heart. She believes passionately in helping people and making the world a better place. I fully recommend Kiran, as she is a gifted person, and wants to bring healing and meaning to life, and she is very knowledgable in answering questions to provide more clarity. She varies her sessions and provides discussion on a wide range of topics relating to Spirituality.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kiran. SC


As soon as I met Kiran I could feel her amazing energy. First thing you notice is how warm and caring Kiran is. She has created a warm and comfortable atmosphere which makes you feel at ease straight away. In the past conventional counselling has not worked for me. Meeting Kiran changed my feelings towards this, because, though she applies 'counselling skills' what's different about how Kiran works, is that she offers unbaised 'guidance'.  She listens and guides you to see the answers you are searching for. She has provided me the tools to change my life. Kiran has helped me begin my spiritual journey. I feel so blessed to have her guiding me through the difficulties of life and towards an enlightened out look on life.I really can’t thank you enough Kiran! Z.C

"Kiran is an amazing, compassionate, skilful spiritual teacher and guide. I met her initially through her group sessions, and immediately knew I had to spend some time one-to-one. In the 3 weeks since first meeting Kiran, my life has changed beyond recognition. It would be impossible to describe in a few sentences, the effect it has had on my life in so many positive ways.  I can say, the changes came so fast, after, in some cases, years of stagnation with certain life issues. I am lucky & honoured to have found someone with such great insight, understanding & spirituality". A .C

"Kiran has supported my spiritual awakening journey for the past three months...what can I say she is unlike any other human being I have ever met. Upon meeting Kiran I felt a strong connection with her. She is a very loving and caring person. She has helped me to rid myself of my conditioned way of thinking and acting. She has helped to completely change my life. Kiran is not like other counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists...She actively shows you how to change/transform and gives you practical tools to be able to do this. I can't thank you enough Kiran you truly are an amazing human being".  A. K. S

"Kiran is a warm, compassionate and grounded lady who is supporting me through a very traumatic period in my life. She is not only supporting me with physical and emotional challenges but health related ones too. I hardly recognise myself.In less than 6 months I have lost weight, I am honouring my worth and finally see my life path in front of me.

I can thoroughly recommend Kiran. She is professional, loving and goes above and beyond her role. It truly is a holistic experience and although the work is hard. Facing up to and challenging outmoded beliefs and negative thought patterns, I can truly say I look forward to each and every session". C. M.

I would like to thank Kiran for her guidance and support on my spiritual journey. Its only been a month since I started receiving support from Kiran on a one-on-one basis and also started attending the 'spiritual sharing circles' group sessions that she provides and in this short amount of time I can see such a difference in my life, for the better. Kiran is reliable, passionate and knowledgeable, she is an expert on what she does and this makes me feel comfortable during our sessions and group meetings. Furthermore, I find Kiran to be very inspirational and motivating which supports me to continue on my spiritual journey. I am glad that I have the opportunity to have Kiran as my spiritual guide and have access to the invaluable support that she provides.

I'm throuoghly looking forward to continuing on this spiritual journey. AA

I came to Kiran in what I would call a bit of a muddle - getting myself into an emotional knot in many different scenarios and not really knowing how to understand and deal with my own emotions. Having used some other traditional routes such as CBT and Counselling, as well as some alternative practices such as yoga, meditation and tantra, I was drawn to Kiran due to her spiritual approach to counselling. Kiran has a wonderful way about her and I found it very easy to be comfortable with her almost instantly. Kiran has helped me to understand a lot of things about myself over a very short space of time and given me some really useful practical things to take forward in my life. Kiran is very intuitive the suggestions she came up with made me think- yes, what a great idea! TB

Pranic Healing Testimonials

I'm so glad I met Kiran , I  look forward to our sessions and my life has improved so much since.


I feel I can talk to Kiran about absolutely anything, she doesn’t judge, she is so loving and understanding, I trust her completely.  Kiran has helped me with emotional issues and anxiety and is teaching me such valuable lessons which I am using on a daily basis and I can feel I am healing spiritually, something I never thought would be possible.

I have suffered from very heavy and painful menstruation for a long time, which has had such an effect on my daily life, work and social activities.  After having extremely invasive examinations and numerous scans I have been advised by my consultant my condition is mainly caused by a fibroid I have. The fibroid causes constant pain in my abdomen and I am conscious that it is there.   My consultant offered me a hysterectomy, painkillers and medication to stop the bleeding. I have found all three of these options unsuitable to me but have been forced to take the medication in order that I may continue to live a normal life.

I have had 2 healing sessions with Kiran, the first one was in December 2018 to concentrate on trying to reduce or completely get rid of the fibroid.  The healing session itself was very relaxing and Kiran did advise me I may feel some pain afterward, which I did, which did not last long at all. I can honestly say that since the healing session in Decemeber 2018, apart from the pain a couple of hours after the actual session, I have not felt any pain whatsoever, I can press on the area without feeling uncomfortable and I feel lifted of something.  I am due back at the hospital in June were I will hopefully undergo another scan and I will not be surprised if the fibroid has gone.

The second healing session I had was in January 2019, to address the heavy painful bleeding I was experiencing, the healing session again was very relaxing and comfortable and I trusted Kiran completely throughout.  I did not feel any pain during or after the session. A few days after the session I had my menstruation and did not feel any pain at all during this time. I usually feel a sharp excruciating pain on the second day which is so severe I cannot stand up straight without taking strong painkillers.  I did not feel any pain whatsoever.

I cannot thank Kiran enough for the immense change these healing sessions have made to my life. A.T

I Suffered with depression for the most part pf my life. Upon meeting Kiran my life has changed. Kiran has supported me for just over a year now. She supported me to come off my depression medicaton slowly over a period of 6 months. This has changed my life. I can think, feel...I can be myself. I took a series of healing sessions over a period of 3 months these sessions also healed stomach issues and back problems. I no longer suffer with pain. I am eternerly gratefull to Kiran. She helped transform and change my life, she always goes above and beyond. Thank you so much Kiran. C.G.

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