12 Universal Laws Which Govern Your Life Testimonials...2019

The first time I walked into Kiran’s meeting space (April 2019), was to attend a spiritual sharing circle and I can honestly say I immediately felt immense warmth and empathy.


Kiran Essene is an inspiration, the equanimity mind set I am endeavouring to achieve, is clearly apparent in Kiran, she is a true angel and I feel so lucky to have found her. Kiran knows me better than I know myself, her guidance and mentoring has already helped me in many aspects of my life. She has identified and helped me to understand the reasons I have held myself back in life.

I have attended many of Kiran’s different group sessions including; Spiritual Sharing Circles, One to One spiritual development sessions, ‘Twelve universal Laws’ study groups and a variety of individual workshops. Each resource is helping me on so many levels.  

Each group session I have attended includes wonderful, like minded people. Such empathy and support often brings a tear to my eye, in a good way…. The way you know you are in the presence of people who understand the real you and accept you for who you are and allow you to ‘Just be’. Thank you Kiran for being in our lives.  

Imagine equanimity, complete peacefulness and calm, no matter what comes our way. Using self-mastery techniques acquired through one to one coaching with Kiran Essene and more recently from the ‘12 Universal Law’ sessions, I feel that I am on the way to being my true self.

Each Law I have studied so far, has illustrated how we can transform our mindset and get our lives back on track, tapping into our higher consciousness. Through shadow work, I now appreciate that I have many layers of conditioning, which stems back to my early years at school, where my core beliefs were set at an extremely young age. Only now, 46 years on, am I actually questioning the grounds those core beliefs were founded upon? ……Was it based on fact or somebody else’s beliefs?.... The support and learning I have acquired from Kiran and the 12 Universal laws have helped me to actually feel and witness that I am consciously growing, as the layers start to peel away and my true self is waking up.

I’ve learnt that our feelings are our navigation tools and when we get it right, peace, love and calmness will follow. ‘The Law of  Perpetual Transmution of Energy’ has been paramount in explaining why I am so greatly affected by what people say and how people act in my presence. I have realised that whilst we can not change others, we can change ourselves through self-mastery and hope that we can lead by example.

The Law of Cause and Effect’ and the ‘Law of Compensation’, reiterates that there is no such thing as a coincidence, everything happens for a reason and we have to experience negativity and positivity in order to learn, grow and gain balance in our lives. Appreciating that what we put out in the world, is what we get back in abundance, highlights the importance of always acting from a place of love.

I am looking forward to attending the remaining five of the ‘Universal Laws’ sessions to further assist me along the pathway of developing my consciousness. S.M





I knew I was ready for change, but what change I couldn’t say until I met Kiran!

I am half way through a 12 week workshop/course called “ 12 Universal Laws Which Govern Your Life.”

Kiran is empathic, beyond supportive, teaching and spiritually guiding me throughout this journey and healing process. I am a work in progress, however WOW the transformation so far!!!

The process for me is deep, enlighting, energetic, painful at times but oh so rewarding!!!

I am finding inner peace and self-love after years of self-neglect emotionally and physically.

I am experiencing such a change in myself that I never knew was possible, I am changing my negative thoughts into positives, where once this was unthinkable, I have learnt “Thoughts are not Truth”, they are just thoughts, all due to the information and life transforming tools I am recieving from this course and from the one on one spiritual guidance I am getting from Kiran.

Kiran Essene provides a safe and protected environment in which to work.

I feel privileged to be part of not only my own transformation but that of the other wonderful participants in the group.


I am cultivating my new found life and self management tools, from the 12 universal laws and one on one guidance sessions... they not ony provide me with constant support on my present journey, but these tools will be with me, to use, for the rest of my life... supporting me to be the best I can be. D.F


The first time I met Kiran I thought she was an angel, she was dressed in white and I could see her aura of golden light that surrounded her. She is such an amazing lady who has offered me so much, she has allowed me a safe space to learn more and be creative in my thinking. Kiran is a very powerful being, she knows you before you do. She has an insight I have never known before. Her energy is infectious and she makes me feel so alive. She has woken me up. She has created something so wonderful for all of us to experience so much so I decided I need to have one on one sessions to help me on my journey. Kiran is honest and open about everything.  She will not let you down. This journey starts with this wonderful woman who will guide you where you need to go. I am so grateful that she has chosen to teach all of us the 12 Universal laws. I feel empowered...


So far I have experienced six amazing weeks of learning all about me, whilst being sat in a room with four other people !!! I know amazing right ?


I know this is my journey, they are helping me along the way because even though our journeys are different we are all there for the same reason, we want to learn.

Every session is completly different, some emotional, some exciting, some happy and some sad but that is what this journey is all about, finding YOU!

Our experiences are extremely important and we need to learn how to make them benefit us. The six laws I have done so far have been extremely powerful and they have already changed my mindset, they have changed how I view myself, how I view other people around me. I have been suppressing anger for so long that I have turned that anger on to myself and I have been the abusive one in my relationship with me, I have been the one putting myself down and not accepting who I am. I am now learning not to do that.


There is so much more to learn and I am very excited to become the best I can be with the powerful noetic and spiritual knowledge Kiran is providing me...


This course is transforming my mindset and my actions for postivies and training me to constantly remember how I am a poweful energy who can achieve everything I want in this life. I am choosing to allow the creator to guide and flow through me.

Everything happens for a reason, so if you are reading this, this is where you need to be. You need to learn how to love yourself truly. I now look in the mirror and no longer dislike what I see, I appreciate me for who I am. I see things differently, like everything is brighter, I have woken up and stopped living on autopilot, I have sat and thought about my actions rather than blindly doing things and then dealing wih the consequences after. I have become more aware of everything I do. I feel empowered and this is only week six, imagine what I will feel like on week 12! R.M

Kiran Essene is guiding me to be the best that I can be. Supporting me to become a Self Master. Applying her unique, noetic skills and inner wisdom with empathy. She has the amazing ability to guide you into realising who you are, where you have come from and where you want to be. She teaches you about the power of self-worthiness including self-love. Kiran supports you to realise exactly what is blocking you from moving forward with your life and helps you to recognise from within, where you want to be is achievable... through choice, intention and dedication. She will give you the power to take back your own power and then it's up to you how you use it.

This course is helping me to understand and recognise that I have the power to change what
I want in my life because only I hold the key to me. At Present I am in the process of deciding which changes I am going to implement into my life. I have realised that only I can do it.

I am starting to grasp the fact that the Universe is not picking on me or saying “I’m not
worthy” which is dictating what I received up until now. If I keep giving out negativity the Universe will merely scoops this up and give it back to me as I’ve sent it………. which means I have done this to myself. Kiran is supporting me to transform my mindset and take responsibility for my own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I am now learning that if I send out positivity, then the Universe will send it back to me by
scooping up the positivity and presenting this to me in a positive way. I am looking to
challenge my own negative thoughts which is a challenge in itself I will admit... but I am
starting to break some very old habits of a lifetime...which is just fatantastic!!! I want my life to resonate with an abundance of contentment, love, wealth, happiness and pure peace of mind.


If you are prepared to understand yourself from a depper level, to begin living your life consciously, If you are ready to become a Self Master...then Kiran Essene may be the right Spiritual Teacher and Guide for you too! V.F

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