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This is a 12 week course on SELF EMPOWERMENT/ SELF MASTERY / AUTHENTICITY - Here I will teach you how the 12 Universal laws (not just the law of Attraction) govern your life. I will show you how to master and apply each law to your life and how each law affects your life, the human race and the world in which we reside.


This is very powerful life transforming information, this course will provide you with deeper meaning to your life, leading to deeper self actulisation, authenticity and self empowerment.  This for anyone who is looking for genuine authenticity, genuine self empowerment from within!!! From an noetic, energetic, esoteric, spiritual, consciousness, quantum physics, psychological standpoint. Your facilitator is gifted Noetic/Esoteric/Spiritual Teacher and Guide Kiran Essene.



The sessions take place in a sharing circle format and are highly practical, incorporating, sound and music therapy, creative and art therapy (painting, drawing, sculpture) time line and pranic healing, creative journaling, breathwork and meditation. This course is for people who want to be the best that they can be and are wanting to excell in all areas of their life.

Your Investment into this life transforming course is £3959 for the 12 weeks, The session lasts 3 hours. All materials for this course are provided, including, (A3 painting pad, paints, brushes, colour pencils, fully stocked art & craft box, sciossors, glue, plaster of paris)...these are posted out to you.


This can be paid in full, or 2/3 installments.

To secure your place please make a deposit of £100 - information on making your deposit will be emailed to you upon request.


Upon making your deposit please kindly email me so I may forward you all student forms and relevant course information and payment plans.

The Universal laws which govern your life are:

1. The Law of Oneness

2. The Law of Energy/Vibration

3. The Law of Action

4. The Law of Correspondence

5. The Law of Cause & Effect

6. The Law of Compensation

7. The Law of Attraction

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

9. The Law of Relativity

10. The Law of Polarity

11. The Law of Rhythm

12. The Law of Gender

Learning outcomes:

what you can expect to gain from this powerful course: Please note in order to complete this course it is a pre-requiste that you have done a certain amount of 'self mastery' / 'shadow work', you have worked through your conditioning or trauma. - Please contact Kiran Essene for further Information.

  • Understand how the world and the Universe really works so that you can better navigate your place in it, and your life.

  • Learn the difference between illusion and true reality

  • Break free from the matrix

  • Learn the difference between what you can control in your life and what you must accept.

  • Become aligned to energy of 'Source' and begin seeing the magic of life

  • Learn how to become 'one' with 'Source' energy

  • Begin to live your best life!

  • Develop and upgrade your level of consciousness, self awareness, and awareness of the world

  • Learn how to find meaning to, in and around your life

  • Understand yourself and the world around you on a deeper level

  • Transform negative and restricting mindset into positive and open minded mindset

  • Begin to live your life consciously not on auto-pilot

  • Learn how to 'live' and 'navigate' your life from within

  • Learn how to take responsibility and control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour

  • Cultivate a deeper connection to the Divine, Source, Energy, God

  • Learn to 'see' when and how the Divine, Source, Energy, God is connecting with you

  • Cultivate Self Empowerment from within - begin eradicating feelings of loneliness

  • Learn how to become more calm and composed, equanimity from within

  • Gain better more supportive relationships with partners, family members and friends

  • Unblock obstacles stopping you from accessing your life purpose

  • Learn who you are and what you are here to achieve and share

  • Begin manifesting what you really want in your life consciously

  • Learn to put boundaries in place which allow structure and balance in your life

  • Cultivate joy and happiness into your life

  • Learn how to use creativity to enhance your life experience

  • Begin drawing abundance into your life!

  • Become self disciplined

  • Enhanced self love

  • Enhanced self confidence

  • Enhanced self esteem

  • Sleep better

  • Have more energy

  • Healther diet

  • Cultivate inner peace

If you require any further information or have any questions please contact Kiran Essene

The Jellyfish Animal Totem

You are ready to show your own emotions to the world and you believe in yourself. The jellyfish animal totem will help you live in harmony with nature and maintain balance in each area of your life. It will help you survive in any situation even though it may seem too difficult.

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