The 12 Universal Laws Which Govern Your Life! Commencing week beginning 20th January 2020, Stockport, Chester, Nantwich & Liverpool, locations TBC...

This is a 12 week course on SELF EMPOWERMENT/ SELF MASTERY / AUTHENTICITY - Here I will teach you how the 12 Universal laws (not just the law of Attraction) govern your life. I will show you how to master and apply each law to your life and how each law affects your life, the human race and the world in which we reside.


This is very powerful life transforming information, this course will provide you with deeper meaning to your life, leading to deeper self actulisation, authenticity and self empowerment.  This for anyone who is looking for genuine authenticity, genuine self empowerment from within!!! From an noetic, energetic, esoteric, spiritual, consciousness, quantum physics, psychological standpoint. Your facilitator is gifted Noetic/Esoteric/Spiritual Teacher and Guide Kiran Essene.

The sessions take place in a sharing circle format and are highly practical, incorporating, sound and music therapy, creative and art therapy (painting, drawing, sculpture) time line and pranic healing, creative journaling, breathwork and meditation. This course is for people who want to be the best that they can be and are wanting to excell in all areas of their life.


The 12 Universal laws which govern your life are:
1. The Law of Oneness
2. The Law of Energy/Vibration
3. The Law of Action
4. The Law of Correspondence
7. The Law of Attraction
8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
9. The Law of Relativity
10. The Law of Polarity
11. The Law of Rhythm

12. The Law of Gender


The course is set over 12 consecutive weeks and will begin, week commencing 20th January 2020.


There will be four locations

Liverpool - Agnes Road, Crosby (strictly limited to 15 places only)

Stockport - TBC (strictly limited to 12 places only)

Chester - TBC (strictly limited to 12 places only)

Nantwich - TBC (strictly limited to 12 places only)


The cost of the course is £1,500 for 12 weeks

SAVE £500!!!...

The EARLYBIRD cost (if you book before the end of November 2019) is £1008 this can be paid in installments which suit you, with an intial deposit to secure your place. (please note there are no refunds)


This course is running in Liverpool (12 people are currently taking this course) For their testimonials please click this link:


You can expect to gain the following from this amazing course:

  • Gain self love

  • Gain self confidence

  • Gain self esteem

  • Unblock obstacles stopping you from accessing your life purpose

  • Put boundaries in place which allow structure and balance in your life

  • Become self disciplined

  • Transform negative and restricting mindset into positive and open minded mindset

  • Cultivate joy and happiness into your life

  • Learn who you are and what you are here to do

  • Sleep better

  • Have more energy

  • Healther diet

  • Begin to live your life consciously not on auto-pilot

  • Find inner peace

  • Take responsibility and control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour

  • Use creativity to enhance your life experience

  • Self Empowerment from within - begin eradicating feelings of loneliness

  • Gain better more supportive relationships with partners or family members

  • Begin drawing abundance into your life

For further information or to register your booking please feel free to contact Kiran Essene on:

0151 345 9004 or 0777 953 1980

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