Kiran Essene a gifted teacher of human transformation... Kiran specialises in noetic, esoteric and spiritual guidance, supporting and helping heal, those who are looking for deeper meaning to their lives. Those who are undergoing spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.


Kiran does this by firstly, teaching you about 'energy' and how this affects the human condition. She is an expert in the field of working with self transformation, the 'shadow self' through the understanding of energy and how energy operates.


Subsequently she then supports you to develop a 'Self Mastery' and 'Self Support' plan, which enables you to transform your state of consciousness (how you perceive yourself and the world around you). 


Kiran not only shows and teaches you how life plays out on an energetic level, She provides you with effective 'Self Management Tool's' which allow you to observe and manipulate energy.


Kiran teaches you how the 'energy of the creator' operates not only on an 'internal humanistic level' but in the world around you. This process in turn leads you to discover your 'authentic self' and supports you to live your life from a place of deep congruency.


This knowledge is ancient, divine, extremely powerful, self empowering and life transforming...and is shared with you by Kiran Essene who is gifted with the ability to see, read, feel , observe, and transform human energy...


Kiran teaches you how to find meaning in, to and around your life, she shows you how to do this as a life long venture thus supporting you to develop a very powerful skill which utimately allows you to navigate your life from a place of deep inner balance and harmony.

I support you to become the best human being that you can be, I support you to be authentic..How do I do that? Firstly, I look at where you are in your life, I do that by asking you very specific questions, this allows me to observe...

  • How you perceive yourself

  • How your perceive those around you

  • How you perceive the world

  • What is blocking you

  • What is stopping you

  • What you fear

  • I show you how to become the 'observer' of your thoughts, behaviour and feelings

  • I teach you ancient knowledge of how to become a 'Self Master'

  • I support you and teach you how to just 'Be'

  • I support you to 'take responsibility' for your feelings, actions and thoughts

  • I take you through and support you on a journey of 'shadow work' teaching you how to cleanse your 'inner temple'

  • I lead you to and support you to embrace your 'authentic self'

By observing your perception (from an energetic standpoint) I am able to elicit your  level of conscious awareness and see what is blocking you, stopping you. By observing your conscious awareness I am able to access what you fear and through 'counselling skills' and empathic abilities I am able to access the root cause of your fears.

I listen deeply, simultaneously I observe your body language, I also take note of the verbal language you use to describe and express your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences.

Using my intuition, empathic abilities (I am gifted with the ability to sense and see 'pranic energy') whilst working with 'Source Energy' I tap into energetic information about you, this provides me with deeper understanding of what you are experiencing in your life and why.

I do all this whilst applying counselling skills, noetic and spiritual guidance. I not only 'actively' and 'deeply' listen to you, but I also provide you with deep insight as to why you are experiencing your life, currently, as you are. I show you what is hindering you, what is supporting you, where you are struggling where you are excelling...Then I prescribe you practical exercises, meditations, breathing techniques, affirmations, visualisations, I help you to develop a 'self support kit' to help you transform. I work on a deep 'energetic' level.

I help you and teach you how to develop a new state of consciousness - which breaks through the old paradigm, your old way of thinking, feeling,  behaving and perceiving. I support you and teach you how to break through your conditioning and allow the new paradigm, your new consciousness, to blossom. This is a life changing and life transforming journey you are choosing to embark upon...One which requires your commitment to self-healing.

Ultimately, I am your guiding light, supporting you... teaching you how to empower yourself... so you may live the best life you can and be the best you can be!

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